Our Mission:  To provide the best quality of occupational therapy (OT) service to a wide variety of age ranges and levels of ability, which are tailored to the individual needs of the whole child.

Cathy Reid is an occupational therapist with 10 years of experience in school and home based therapeutic programs, clinical settings, and pediatric hospital inpatient care. In the fall of 2007, Cathy established Synchrony Therapy as an occupational therapy (OT) private practice in Brooklyn due to an underserved need in this area.  She brings to Synchrony Therapy her hands on experience as well as certification and extensive training in Sensory Integration (SIPT, 2003) and Therapeutic Listening (TLP, 2006). Cathy is dedicated to collaborating with a team of surrounding professionals to better meet the needs of her clientele and the children and families in the community. She is the founder of The Gowanus Treehouse ( Fall of 2013) which provides a positive, fun, and safe setting for kids to succeed and make progress toward their goals.

Cathy is dedicated to serving a wide range of disabilities and developmental ages while treating the whole child. She takes into consideration the environment, daily routines, and history of the child and family to provide strategies to meet the individual child’s needs. Techniques from her rehabilitation background, training in Sensory Integration (SI), motor learning and movement, and child development theories are administered with best practice standards of care.

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